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What is Moat?

Moat is a full-service digital media agency that provides cutting-edge technologies to its clients. We serve as consultants to our corporate partners, assisting them with their internet marketing strategies.


Moat doesn’t just do the work. We think on how to use new media for the brand and offer in-depth marketing campaign consultancy – We work closely with brands to realize the relevance of the internet platform for their industry and provide overall business strategy consulting.

Benefits of Moat

We have hands-on experience building massive social media presences with some of the country’s most well-known brands.• We are a start-up with a passion for what we do! • Experienced capital with in-depth knowledge of the Indian new media environment • Expertise in different listening technologies and smart reporting formats • Unique algorithms and KPIs to monitor any part of internet and social media presence • Workplace expectations based on the world’s most prestigious consultancy and analysis company

Our Work

Spectrum in digital marketing Developing an idea Consultancy software on a digital media strategy as a whole •Email & SMS Marketing Execution •Internet marketing strategy •Campaign preparation •Internet business strategy •Internet product plan •Social presence plan Putting together a publicity strategy that works across all channels Important Services: •Ad campaigns •Banner Ads •Google Ads •Social Ads Optimization •Facebook page •Twitter •Youtube site •Linkedin •Blog •Forum conversations •Pinterest Present campaign is being monitored and optimised. Important Services: •Brand social quotient •Brand interaction •Analysis of sentiment •Campaign mapping •Analysis of influencers •Analysis of traffic and clickstream Making a report In-depth examination.Review of traffic and clickstream Making a report In-depth research using cutting-edge software •Brand health watch •Consumer intuition •Social media listening •Analyst report •ORM •Consumer relations •Campaign tracking Key Services: •Brand health track •Consumer insight •Social media listening •Analyst report •ORM •Consumer relations •Campaign monitoring

Strategy For Social Media

Right decisions lead to right outcomes, and right decisions are founded on accurate facts. We will assist you in determining the best social media plan for Paid, Owned, and Earned media. MANAGEMENT OF THE Group Managing social media can be difficult. Your content should be engaging, stunning, and shareable. We assist you in developing, creating, inspiring, and expanding your audience network. MARKETING Of CONTENT Social networking is made up of 10% tools and 90% correspondence. The best material leads to the right choices. Our content management programmes can assist you in saying the appropriate terms at the appropriate time. The Client Satisfaction Track, also known as ORM, is important for crisis management. Our ORM services ensure that we listen to your customers and track the health of your brand. 90% of brand consumers follow the patterns set by 10% of influencers. We will assist you in identifying the influencers and developing a communication plan for them.

All Above This.  Customer Satisfaction Is Our Main Goal. 

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Abhay Dogra

Founder, Consultant And CEO

Abhay Dogra founded Moat to assist businesses in expanding. He is also a specialist in advertising and cold emails. He loves to play with mails the same way he plays COD.


Nikhil Sharma

Analyst and Sales funnel Specialist

He is well equipped with knowledge in Sales Funnel. Following meals, his favorite activity is researching.


Vishal Dogra

Social Media Ad And Management Expert

He knows how to handle and advertise on social media. He has managed several projects for a variety of clients. Anime and social media is always his priority over anything.

Shiva Saraswat

Developer And Graphic Designer

Shiva’s skills include graphic design and landing page creation. This is something he’s been doing for quite some time. He loves to experiment with his hairs and graphics.